Hi Artrage Team,

I love your product.... as a transplant from Photoshop, Artrage's natural media simulation is the best on the market! A humble suggestion; when utilizing an art software I like to be EXTREMELY well versed in it's mechanics (I was obsessive when learning Photoshop and it served me well as a user), but in my attempts to learn Artrage with the same vigor, I am having a hard time finding the necessary information for certain tools. For instance, I can't seem to find a complete manual on the upgrades from Artrage 5 to Artrage 6... specifically in regards to the new 'Texture' section of the 'Brush Designer' and the abliities/limitions regarding 'Actions' (the verbage in the interface is somewhat confusing).

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Help!! I love Artrage... but the lack of clear and complete instruction regarding ALL aspects of the interface is not conducive to making this wonderful tool accesible to more people. Am I just looking in the wrong places?!

Thanks for your attention,