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Thread: How to move an object?

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    How to move an object?

    I need help!

    I can't move an object, I select what I need to move with the selections tool, but no the object doesn't move, but so does the selections tool.

    I'm using the program on an Imac - MacOS

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    Hi erling1956!

    You don't need to select the object with the selection tool. Just click on it with the "Transform"-Tool. Than a frame will appear around it and you can move it by dragging it with the mouse.

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    Thanks, I still have the problem that I want to make a copy of the object, I can't in the transorm tool.

    I can't rotate the object the way I want, only in the fixed settings.

    Is there a solution to this?

    Thanks in advance. :-)

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    So you have to select what you want to transform with the "Select"-Tool and paste it to another layer. You don't need to create a new layer for it. Just copy and paste. To rotate by hand, just place the cursor a little outside the transformation-frame. Than a round arrow will appear as cursor and you can rotate.
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