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Thread: Artrage 6 - color sampler options

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    Artrage 6 - color sampler options

    (First post - be gentle)
    I've just upgraded to Artrage 6 from 4.5, and the color sampler tool gives me choices I did not have before (or perhaps just a different interface)... and questions about how to use those choices.
    These are the options:
    • Large area
    • Only Brightness
    • Only Hue
    • Only Saturation

    I'll focus on Large area as the most interesting and useful to me.
    Frustratingly I can't change the size of the sample area. Please see the photo - it evidently takes some meaningless average of a fixed area.
    I need to have control over the area it is sampling.
    Grateful for any advice on this enhancement - any search in posts or google pulled up old V4 articles. I found no references to the enhanced features. (maybe I didn't look hard enough)
    Thanks a lot.
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    Hi Dennisaa!

    You can change the size of the area with the slider "Expand Area" in the "Tool Settings"-Panel. But it is limited (0-100%) - you can't increase it to the whole image. Because that wouldn't make sense. Usually one wants to pick up a color of a certain pixel of an image. Sometimes it isn't easy to hit this pixel, so you may expand the area and pick an average color from this area, that is much similar to the color you wanted to pick. The panel on your screenshot is the "Presets"-Panel, that offers some presets, that you can call up with one click. Finer adjustments, you can make in the "Tool Settings"-Panel. And if you have one adjustment that's verry useful for you, you can save it as a preset to the "Presets"-Panel.

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    Hi Somerset
    Thank you so much.... Works a treat!

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