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Thread: woman cupido

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    woman cupido

    this is a image i do for a friend of mine. She want a cupido ilustration.

    Name:  cupidovggguuu.jpg
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    Looks like a cupida more than a cupido. But I'm an English speaker so I could be wrong about the ending of the word. She looks darling -- almost more like a Muse sending out creative vibes to someone special.

    Hope it works for her! If so, you're going to get very rich with all those who will call you 'matchmaker'.


    Parece uma cupida mais que um cupido. Mas eu sou um falante de inglês, então posso estar errado sobre o final da palavra. Ela parece querida - quase mais como uma musa enviando vibrações criativas para alguém especial.

    Espero que funcione para ela! Nesse caso, você ficará muito rico com todos aqueles que o chamarão de 'casamenteiro'.
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    Wheee - send her to me! An old man can always use some of this! Lovely - as ever.

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    Very good design. There is a lot of feeling in the visual image that makes your title of the work a perfect choice.
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