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Thread: Has Anyone Else Tried Running Art Rage 6 on A Linux Fedora Operating System?

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    Has Anyone Else Tried Running Art Rage 6 on A Linux Fedora Operating System?

    I am interested in some feedback from anyone else out there that has tried Art Rage 6 running on a Fedora Creative Design Suite 30 operating system, or even simply the Fedora 30 Workstation edition of their operating system.

    In case you are reading this forum thread and were not aware of the fact that Art Rage will run on a Linux operating system, I am here to testify that it is possible and must say that Art Rage runs very good on Fedora 30 Design Suite.
    Fedora 30 Design Suite is a very good operating system for anyone that has an interest in creative art design. The Fedora 30 Design Suite is a custom designed version of Fedora Workstation 30 (Workstation being their basic) that includes already to go upon installation of the operating system open source programs specifically tailored with tools for artistic creative productivity. You can check out the operating system as a trial run without actually installing the operating system by running it off a thumb drive as a live version. Will also work as a live operating system burned to a DVD disc yet runs a lot slower especially if you have limited RAM on your computer of 4 or less GB. For a live version that runs off a USB thumb drive you will also need to find software that will create the necessary formatting on the thumb drive to install the live operating system on the thumb drive, a program called Rufus will work. Recommend at least 4 GB of Ram on a thumb drive. I have experimented with different options and also found a way to partition a thumb drive and allocate some memory space to store certain apps on the thumb drive and run them with everything stored on the partition formatted to Ext4 or Fat32. With this idea in mind you need a larger size thumb drive. An 8GB with 4GB allocated to each partition is sufficient for experimenting yet you might want to try a larger thumb drive for any long term use where you expect to accumulate saved files or add a lot of extras running a live version of the operating system off the thumb drive. Why would you want space allocated to memory in a separate partition on a thumb drive? The answer is that running a live version of the operating system from a thumb drive will not allow you to save any files within that partition, they will save while the thumb drive is plugged in and running yet will disappear once you shut down the operating system running from a thumb drive. Either way a 4GB partition is enough space to install the operating system. By the way, so you are not mislead if you install the operating system normally on your computer's hard drive you do not have to worry about loosing files that way, runs and saves files like Windows or Mac operating systems.

    There is a special way to get Art Rage running on Fedora that requires the installation of a program called WINE. This program is not included in the initial iso file that you use to install Fedora on a thumb drive or hard drive. WINE is available in the Fedora repositories for installation after you have the operating system installed on a hard drive. You can access this program through a command line operation signed in as root that will link you to dnf, simply: dnf install wine. This will work once you are linked to a repository. With the previous version of Art Rage (5) and Fedora 27 I was able to run Art Rage through WINE on Fedora yet had to dig into the Windows directory and find the Art Rage exe file to right click on and have it opened with WINE. Now with Art Rage 6 and Fedora 30 I found through trial and error that Art Rage will install the same way you would go about it on a Windows machine, totally free of the Windows operating system, which leads me to conclude that you are able to run the program on Fedora through WINE on a machine that does not have any Windows operating system on it. This appears to be a new improvement that removes the dependency on a Windows operating system to use Art Rage.

    If interested here's a link to the Fedora web site where you can download and try the operating system Fedora Design Suite:

    I'd like to know if there is anyone else out there that is using Art Rage on a Fedora operating system and your thoughts and comments.
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