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Thread: color water glass too small

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    color water glass too small

    hi, I haven't used artrage in a bit but I just upgraded to 6 finally and I remember that the dirty brush used to have a water glass you could clean the brush, but now it is a tiny icon inside the Color panel.
    Is there a way to get the bigger glass of water animation like before, for cleaning the brush? I liked seeing the dirty water it was kind of fun, now it is just a tiny icon but the sound effect still is there.

    I'm using lights out and the docking mode interface.


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    Hi noobcake!

    Yes, that's a bit tricky. But you can use a keyboard shortcut for it. I don't know if there allready exists one. My shortcut for it ist Strg+Shift+Alt+C. I think, I created it for myself. You can find the function "Clean Brush" in the "Keyboard Shortcut"-Menu ("Edit"-Menu) under "General Commands".

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    Sadly no, as you have found, that little icon is all you get in Docking Mode
    Personally I would prefer that the Water Glass appears as a separate icon in the Menu Bar when in Docking Mode so that you can go strait to it to clean your brush the same as you can in Classic Mode.
    I too have set a keyboard shortcut to it.
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