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Thread: Tablet issues? Gaomon compatibility with Artrage

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    Tablet issues? Gaomon compatibility with Artrage

    I have artrage 6 and have just got a Gaomon (PD2200) tablet to replace my old wacom intuos and I am having all sort of weird issues with the program now: random straight lines appear across the page when I try to change a layer's opacity or visibility, some brushes don't seem to work properly, I find it hard to change use the menu of costum brushes because the pen doesn't seem to "hold" the menu.

    Is it an incompatibility with Gaomon? (I am also a Mac user, if it makes a difference)

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    Hello estefania and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Iíve never used a Gaomon screen tablet, so have no idea how compatible there drivers an are with AR6.
    If you have not done so already I would suggest contacting Ambient Design directly about this.
    You can contact them on their support page here:
    Or by email here: [email protected]
    Hope you can get it sorted soon!
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    Thank you, Markw. I have contacted ambient design, but they were also unfamiliar with Gaomon tablets. I guess I will have to return my tablet and find another one. Thanks again

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