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Thread: Upload a new font onto Artrage5

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    Upload a new font onto Artrage5

    Any ideas how i do this?

    I have purchased a new font which is now fully installed onto my mac and can use it.

    However, I am trying to use this font when typing in Artrage but i can't seem to access it or import it.

    How do i go about this please?

    Thank you

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    Is it a TTF (true type) font or OTF (open type) font? ArtRage can only use .ttf fonts.

    If it is TTF, then it should appear automatically in your list of available fonts after you have installed it to your computer.

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    Installing fonts in AR 6

    I have 100's of .ttf fonts on my computer, yet they do not install automatically in AR.

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    ArtRage offers only a verry few options to work with text. There are no adjustments to balance the kerning of a text or even the line spacing and stuff like that. So you wont be able to create a text in an optimal aesthetic and a reasonable professional typograhic way in ArtRage. I think that it's generally not the core competence of pixel based software to work with text. Especially small text sizes shouldn't be set in pixel based programs - because of the pixels that make the text look unsharp. So my subjective advice is to create the text with another software (I use to make it with Inkscape, if needed, a vector graphics software that is free and open source), export it as a *.png, import it in ArtRage and make a stencil outoff it. Than you can put the text onto your image by painting over the stencil. I have made that several times and it works pretty fine and produces nice results. But you should do that only with text that is larger than 14 points.

    Truetype, Opentype, Type 1 and other fonts are based on vector graphics. That warrants that they can be scaled without a loss of quality. The fonts will always have sharp edges for best legibility. To combine images with text is the purpose of DTP-, respectively Layout-Programs like InDesign, Quark XPress, Affinity Publisher or Scribus (wich is also free and open source). In case of emergency you can also use vector graphics software like Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDraw or Affinity Designer to combine pixel images with text. And the finished layout should be exported as *.pdf. If you suggest to print your artwork in a professional way, this will result in a much higher quality than if you print pixelized text.

    Edit: To illustrate what I told above, here are two samples. The first one I wrote directly in ArtRage. By some reason - I don't know why - ArtRage cuts the top of the initials. That doesn't always happen. Seems that has to do with certain fonts. I also noticed this in some other programs. And the second point: notice the connections between the "e" and the "x" and between the "x" and the "t" of the word "Text". There is no option in ArtRage to get a clean connection between them, accept by creating the letters on different layers and puzzle a bit.

    The second sample I wrote in Inkscape, adapted the horizontal kerning of the text to get those clean connections and made a stencil outoff it.

    Last I gave the whole thing a layer effect ("Emboss") to insinuate that you can even do nice things with text in ArtRage. But that is only for effects on bigger text, like logos, headlines and so on.
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    Yes, I would agree with Somerset that AR has some basic text abilities, which it is nice to have, but it's primary focus is not working with Text.
    When I have needed more nuanced text control I always load the finished artwork into another program with those specific abilities for the text to be added and worked on there.
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