I am new to ArtRage 6 (coming from krita) and watched some tutorials e.g.f from someonesane and Stephen Berry on youtube.
Because I am not allowed to post URLs here, I will instead post the watch ID and title of the youtube videos with starttime at the end, if neccessary

sTNT2WowxGc (Title: How to Paint with Watercolors in Artrage #6- Layer Masks and Glazing)
AsgwbHMaqjY?t=402 (My Method for Watercolors in ArtRage Studio Pro, starts at 6:38)

For masking they use the function "Edit\Select Layer Content", sometimes "Invert Selection", depending on what they want to paint.
Are these the only ways to make masks? What If I want to convert a more complex selection to a mask? How can I do that?

Are there some tutorials about that for ArtRage 6?

Ambient Design using Stamps for coloring there inking (Title: Drawing & Coloring Line Art in ArtRage Lite (full), staarts at 13:43)
and mentioned in ArtRage 5 you don't need to make stamps, this can be done with layer functions.

But I do not found a dedicated tutorial about that.
Please, can you post some tutorials about that?
Many thanks

John Sheridan