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Thread: Panels will not resize AR 6

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    Panels will not resize AR 6

    I am trying to resize the presets and setting panel with Control and click and drag left mouse button, but nothing happens. I have re installed Version 4 and it works, However it still does not work on version 6.

    Has anybody got any ideas ????

    Windows Version 7 Home Premium with sp1

    Art Rage Version 6.1.2


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    This was something that stopped when AR5 was first released.
    I could be wrong, but I think this functionality was intentionally removed
    If this was something deliberately removed, and not just a very long standing bug!, you could make a post in the Suggestions forum for it to make a comeback.
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    artrage changed its UI framework for version 5 and onwards.

    unfortunately for some of us, certain things no longer work as they used to; some very important things were added as well, but panel resizing has been stripped down.
    I miss the way color panel used to scale up in the past.

    hopefully this will see an update from AR team in the future.

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