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Thread: Tutoriial for Layer Masks

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    Question Tutoriial for Layer Masks

    I am new to ArtRage 6 (coming from krita) and watched some tutorials e.g.f from someonesane and Stephen Berry on youtube.
    Because I am not allowed to post URLs here, I will instead post the watch ID and title of the youtube videos with starttime at the end, if neccessary

    sTNT2WowxGc (Title: How to Paint with Watercolors in Artrage #6- Layer Masks and Glazing)
    AsgwbHMaqjY?t=402 (My Method for Watercolors in ArtRage Studio Pro, starts at 6:38)

    For masking they use the function "Edit\Select Layer Content", sometimes "Invert Selection", depending on what they want to paint.
    Are these the only ways to make masks? What If I want to convert a more complex selection to a mask? How can I do that?

    Are there some tutorials about that for ArtRage 6?

    Ambient Design using Stamps for coloring there inking (Title: Drawing & Coloring Line Art in ArtRage Lite (full), staarts at 13:43)
    and mentioned in ArtRage 5 you don't need to make stamps, this can be done with layer functions.

    But I do not found a dedicated tutorial about that.
    Please, can you post some tutorials about that?
    Many thanks

    John Sheridan

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    Hi John,

    artrage doesn't have the same functionality as krita when it comes to layer masking; I believe, one method recommended specifically for use with watercolors is using stencils to achieve the masked look.

    I personally don't use them very often, but they are intuitive and powerful for making textures. - a quick tutorial on making stencils from canvas.

    you'll have to produce the watercolor fringe stencils elsewhere, or scan them, or buy stock images though, see here: - this tutorial explains how canvas texture adds realism to the watercolor brush marks.

    by the way, if anyone else is looking for Stephen Berry tutorials, they're all sorted together over here:

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