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Thread: Hair/Fur stroke direction

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    Hair/Fur stroke direction

    I can't figure out how to get Hair/Fur brush to rotate on direction like this.
    Basically a cylinder viewed pretty much straight-on, but have Hair/Fur using Sticker Spray tool to rotate like this.
    Any suggestions?

    hmm, image isn't uploading.
    Try this on my OneDrive.
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    Is this something aproching what you are aiming for?
    Done with a slightly modified ‘Fine Frosted Fur’ brush.
    Basically it’s just a question of setting the brush head angle to what you want, ie 'Rotation' > Base Value', and then locking 'Rotation' to 'Stroke Direction'. With some small random variations thrown in to break things up a bit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes that's about right, thanks!

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    Mark, how do i get the color to just match whatever i select on the color picker?

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    If you clear the three Random tokens for Hue, Luminescence and Saturation that will get you near the pure chosen paint colour. And perhaps set the three Base Values for those to 100%. But with the stamp used in this brush I doubt it can ever put down 100% your chosen colour.
    If you look at an individual stamp from this brush (attached), with all it’s settings striped back to the bear minimum, you can see that each stamp is not naturally one consistent value along it’s length. And it’s maybe worth bearing in mind that if it were one consistent colour value, it might not look as “hairy” when used.
    You could of course experiment making your own stamp sheet for use in the brush.
    User Someonesane, (who we sadly don’t see around here these days), made a tutorial a while back on making Sticker Spray sheets in AR3 which is still relevant in AR6:
    Name:  Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 15.32.10.png
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    Well i tried clearing Hue, Saturation and Luminescence but it's either black and white, or bright red.
    I suppose i'm not using the same hair brush as you have.

    I started with one, i'm not sure which.. i think maybe Fur Layering.
    I got a somewhat approximation of the brush direction i wanted and saved it out as it's own preset.

    So i can revert to that new preset and maybe just adjust the stroke direction settings as you posted.

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