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Thread: Free transform Tracing.

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    Free transform Tracing.

    I'm new to ArtRage, just recently downloaded 6. I'm enjoying the software very much but can't figure out how to reposition a tracing on/below the canvas. For example, I would like to be able to rotate or tilt the image I'm tracing, and to be able to position the image for tracing in a particular place on the canvas. Is there a way of doing this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Adjusting 'Tracing' images can be done through the ‘Tracing Panel’ but you are limited to only being able to set their Scale & Position. Sadly they can not be rotated or distorted.
    If you need an image rotated then the only option is to rotate it to your desired angle before loading it as a tracing image.
    To do this all within AR…
    Set up your canvas to the size you want.
    Then go to; File > Import Image File To Layer
    Using the Transform Tool make all the adjustments you need to the image.
    Next, Right click on the image’s layer in the Layers Panel and choose ‘Export Layer…’ (After exporting it you can Hide or Delete this layer)
    Now open the Tracing Panel and load the image file you just exported.
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