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Thread: ArtRage and the current global catastrophe.

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    ArtRage and the current global catastrophe.

    How do you start a message like this?
    Currently the world is in the midst of a global pandemic. People are ill, dying, or in fear of their future. Countries are on lock-down.

    Without trying to sound pandering or condescending, I want to offer assurances that business at ArtRage central is almost unaffected.
    All our employees were already working from home. Support is unaffected - we continue to address almost all support issues within 24 hours, seven days a week.

    ArtRage development is continuing - there are some exciting things coming up later this year (apocalypse willing).

    I wish all the best to our customers and supporters. I hope no-one is badly affected by the current craziness in the world. Paint Safe.

    Andy B.
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    Not pandering or condescending.

    People are trying to continue living as best as they can. Creativity and art are important aspects of being human and in fact important to the joy of living. Knowing things are well with Ambient Design is the opposite of irrelevant or irreverent at these times, instead it is a welcome message bringing both relief and gladness!


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    Really good to hear that Andy!
    So glad to hear that you and the ArtRage team are all still safe and well.
    NZ rarely makes the news this side of the planet, even now! So I have no idea how this pandemic is unfolding for you all down there?
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