Hi Artragers, Developers and Users!

In the past days I made some experiments with Stencils. A verry cool feature! Especially for old Airbrushers like me. But I think, you should pimp it a bit. It would be nice, if there would be a dock that shows up all Stencils, that are opened in a painting (even those, that are invisible) and from where you can chose wich one you want to use and wich ones you don't. At the moment it is a bit tricky to handle more than one Stencil at a time. For example: you just can make all invisible Stencils visble - not a single one.

And there is another thing, I noticed yesterday: I dragged a Stencil onto the canvas, painted with it and added it to the Tool-Box to use it again later. Than I deleted it from the canvas. And, as I remarked, it was also deleted from the Tool-Box too. I think, that doesn't make sense. I'm not shure if this is the way it should be. Maybe a bug?

And I have another suggestion refering to the Text-Tool. Artrage is a wonderful Software to make amazing things with text. But the tool is a bit limited. It would be nice if there would be a few more opportunities to format text. Especially the distance between signs and rows.

Finally: please excuse my german way to rape the englisch language!