I have made extensive use of the sticker spray tool to make custom brushes in the past when using Artrage and I wanted to know if the program is capable of importing .gih (Gimp Image Hose) and .rif (Corel Painter Image Hose) files to the native .stk (Artrage Sticker Spray) format. If not, I would like to know if the developers of Artrage plan to add this feature to save time when importing image hose brushes from other programs. Sometimes, I find .gih and .rif brushes that I like and want to be able to use them in Artrage without having to manually change the color of each image stamp.
GIMP, Krita, and Corel Painter all have a function similar to the sticker spray, but they use different image formats (.gih and .rif respectively). The .gih format interprets greyscale images as a mask (customizable color). I have never used Corel Painter, but it may use an entirely different method to customize image hose color. Attempting to import outside image hose formats into Artrage's native .stk format may pose difficulty when attempting to customize color. Artrage uses red stamps with transparent background to interpret a color mask for a .stk file while .gih files in GIMP and Krita interpret greyscale images with a white background as a color mask. These differences in color interpretation may form significant barriers when attempting to add support for external .gih and .rif brushes. I'm not a programer, so I don't the true nature of the difficulty this may pose. There is also the problem of translating pen-tablet mapping parameters from external .gih and .rif files into the native methods used in the .stk format.