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Thread: Artrage Ubuntu on TabletPc!

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    Artrage Ubuntu on TabletPc!

    Hey guys!
    Just trying out my copy of Artrage under Wine on Ubuntu! I'm totally amazed that it works out of the box, pressure and all, and the performance is great!

    I'm trying to get pressure sensitivity working in FlashMX now, and I'm wondering if any of the programming guys at Ambient Design might know the secret to getting pressure to register in Flash as well. Why does it work in Artrage and not flash?

    I've heard that the tablet (wintab?) API has recently gotten changed to be merged with the tablet pc API..

    At any rate, I can't find anyone on the web with working pressure under wine / crossover in any windows graphics app.. (except ArtRage!).

    Photoshop, Flash.. it's a no go.. any suggestions?

    I may have to leave the Windows world if things continue to get better in Linux land..


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    I was checking out the linux-wacom forums b'cos unfortunately I couldn't get ArtRage properly for me on Ubuntu..
    anyway.. I think there's a forum post / archive email which says that if you install the latest version of linux-wacom drivers you can probably get the pressure working in apps like photoshop.

    I haven't had a chance to test yet..

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