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Thread: Text Tool Not Recognizing Installed Fonts

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    Text Tool Not Recognizing Installed Fonts

    Which version of ArtRage you're using.
    ArtRage 6, full version. Latest update/no updates available.

    The operating system you're using.
    Windows 10 version 103 (OS Build 18362.720)

    A description of the problem in as much detail as possible including what you were doing at the time of the problem.
    I have installed several fonts (all TTF format), however, ArtRage 6 is not detecting them and allowing me to use them for text layers. I am certain that I have installed them correctly as they show as being properly installed in Windows, and I am able to use them in other programs.

    If there is an error message, the exact text of that error message
    No error message is displayed.

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    Hi kallah!

    It's the same to me. Just a few of my installed fonts show up in the font-menu of ArtRage. I don't know why. But, because the opportunities of formating text are verry rudimental (especially the spacing) in ArtRage, I use to write my texts in other programs like Inkscape (Open Source Vector Graphics Program) or Scribus (Open Source Layout Program) and import it into ArtRage as pictures or as stencils. The opportunities to design the text-surface with textures and paint-effects are amazing in ArtRage, I think, but the basic character spacing of many fonts isn't good enough to use it without correcting it a bit. Would be cool if it would become better in the future.

    Pixelbased graphic programs are basically not the best choice to use it for text. It will never be as sharp as it could be by using vectors. So never set small text in a pixelbased graphic program.

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