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    Import Paper Texture from Image

    I happened to have an art paper with a texture that I really liked tucked inside my art drawer. This Strathmore Charcoal Hemp paper has a vertical lines that resemble some cold pressed watercolor paper. Unfortunately, I cannot simply place a sheet of the paper under a flatbed scanner since the grain won't show up in a scan. Instead, I had to find my old tripod, a cellphone tripod adapter, and a light source. (Aargh! upside-down image!)
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    The makeshift setup was somewhat awkward, but it got the job done. After turning out all the lights in the room, I laid the green LED pen parallel to the bench and took a series of pictures until I got one with the lighting I desired. It took six photographs before I got a satisfactory result.
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    After taking the desired picture, I imported the image into GIMP, cropped the section of the paper with the fewest imperfections, and converted the cropped image to grayscale. This is the final result:
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    The result is mostly satisfactory, but there are still a few rough seams with larger canvases. Here is an example of the texture in use in Artrage 6:
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    If anyone wants a closer look at what paper I used, here is an image of the brand of paper I used for this project:
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    There must be a faster way of importing paper textures though. This whole process took two and a half hours.

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    Thank you for the gift! I was also able to use your images to make texture-stencils by saving them as pngs and applying "remove color matte". (I was able to use both pix to make stencils - the original photo and the textured canvas you made from it.)

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    Name:  Type 2, example 1 nayrb.PNG
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    Name:  Type 2, example 2 nayrb.PNG
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    This was fun! Thank you.

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    I found some other paper types you might like from Peter W, long ago. I hope his link still shows up. If you google "artrage, japanese paper" it should come up with his post from June 2009. Or maybe this will take you right to it:

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    Thanx for this cool charcoal paper from me too. I made it seamless and attached it to this post (the second attachment). And I also made a similar one with some filtres in GIMP and G'MIC that I a attached too (the first one). It's a little bit cleaner than yours. Maybe someone likes it.
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    Thanks for sharing those texture ideas. I was looking for designing textures for my new art work. I often like the minimal texture which add an extra beauty to the design elements.

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