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These settings will work for drawing with a tablet or a mouse-a tablet with pen pressure sensitivity will do better, but I know not everyone is ready to jump into buying a good tablet yet. Regardless, these settings can give you room to explore and enhance your cartoon images. When I want good, straight lines, I hold down the Ctrl button (Cmnd on MAC, I believe) before pressing my left mouse button, hold the mouse button down and position it where I want the line to end. At the ending point, I let go of the mouse and have a perfect straight line. If I want that straight line to taper at one end, I lower the taper length setting. I can change what side the thick and thin end of a line appear by adjusting the taper bias setting; 100% taper bias will give you a full mirror effect, 50% taper bias will create a line that's thin on the ends and thick in the middle. These settings work with freehand drawn lines as well, however, it helps to add some to the smoothing button to make the line look cleaner.