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Thread: Mixing color on the brush

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    Mixing color on the brush


    so, just to give you my background: oil paints is something I have never used in the "real" world. Usually I do sketches with a pencil or aquarells. These techniques translate surprisingly well to ArtRage, so I assume it is similar with oil paints?
    The only connection I have to oil is watching Bob Ross' "The joy of painting". I was hoping to be able to use his techniques in ArtRage (actually one of the main reasons I got it), but so far I failed miserably. As Bob would say: I became a mud mixer
    Most likely it's because I am trying to apply a wet-on-wet technique to a dry canvas ... if anybody has some good advise on wet-on-wet techniques with oil in ArtRage (5 or 6), feel free to help me out

    But to my actual question: I got pretty far painting a scene in the woods using some of Bob's techniques and mixing it with others. What worked best so far was tapping in the shapes of trees and bushes, using custom brushes. With the new feature of 3D paint on the brush I was hoping to get even further.
    What I am missing the most is a way to actually load the brush from a pallet, mixing the color on the brush.
    There is an official tutorial which suggests that you can use a Scrap to mix color like on a palette. In principle this works, but on the Scrap I do not see the size of my brush and loading the brush does not work either. I guess it is just to mix the color on the pallet ...

    Maybe I need to post this in the Feature Request part of the forum, but does anybody know a way to mix color on the brush "Bob Ross style"?
    In theory the tool itself can do it by sliding through different colors, but I need a way to do this not on the canvas .. and then use that state of the tool ON the canvas. (I am thinking of a color mix on my brush tool by tapping into different puddles of paint ... a bonus would be "dipping into bright red" to "add little flowers to the bushes" in case you know Bob Ross).

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    As far as I know this is currently sort of possible with the regular oils using dirty brush mode.

    This could be achieved easily with the custom brushes also, if they added dirty brush mode to them..

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    You can use a "scrap" piece of paper/canvas for testing brushes or mixing colours. I'm using the desktop program so not 100% sure how available this might be in the other editions but:

    Tools > Reference Options > New Scrap

    This gives you an extra little sample to play with. If you mix your colours on there, you can always use the colour picker (or alt+click) to get back to those interim tones as you work.

    The colour samples/swatches panel is also really useful. I can't think what sets are built in and which I have picked up along the way, but there's a good oil paint selection based on real life sets. It's a good way to keep things simple and work in a more "real" method than infinite colours.

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    Hi again,

    yes, I know the dirty brush mode and the scrap images. I uess what I need is some way to combine the two
    Maybe I could add a new layer and use that for mixing color on my brush ...

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