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Here is a sample of how I will split up layers depending on the depth and position of certain elements in a panel. In the most current image for my web comic I want the female character to be in front of the laser blast and the other characters to be standing behind it. Image #1 shows the background color layers behind the inked line layer. Image #2 shows color added to the background characters. #3 shows the color panel for the (foreground) female character. #4 shows the laser blast. This layer is positioned in front of the solid black line ink layer, and where the green laser line overlaps the female character ink lines and color, I erase it. An additional soft green airbrush spot of color is added in front of the background character to simulate a greenish glow. Finally, #5 shows the finished piece which I can flatten and save a copy to place on my comic. This technique helps to convey the appearance of the blast hitting between the characters.