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Thread: Reset Username

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    Reset Username

    Good evening,
    It has been a long time (7 years?) since my last post on this forum and I would like to change my username to more closely match my actual name. Currently, I cannot find the option to change my username. This would make sense due to the difficulties in changing photograph URLs in the user gallery in the rarity of actual name changes in real life, but since my current username does not match my actual name, the problem of name change frequency shouldn't apply. My main concern is if I decide to change my username if the picture links in my user gallery become broken. Are there any steps I need to take to change my current username?

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    Hi nayrb and welcome back
    I think you might have to contact Ambient Design themselves to change your user name.
    I just had a quick look around in my account settings and couldn’t see any options that would allow one to change one’s user name.
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