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Thread: layers can hold notes too

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    layers can hold notes too

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    When I'm cartooning with ArtRage, I now get in the habit of leaving notes for myself on the pencil layer. In this panel, matching the angle I wanted the slant on was important. You can see where I wrote the 320 on my pencil layer, to remind me what degree to rotate my canvas to in order to keep a consistent angle approach to the sketch. It helps to get into using the hotkey for the Canvas Positioner (Ctrl+Alt+C) to jump back and forth from how the finished image will set, and how much you rotate it to draw comfortably. It's also a great place to keep notes on color you want to use for outlining or fill. I always scribble a small swatch of the color on that pencil layer to eye-drop select later for my coloring.

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    Brilliant! So I've taken your idea and made a layer containing a screenshot of credits for a Public Domain piece I'm messing with, as well as other miscellaneous notes -- while working, I can just make the layer visible and there is all the notes/background info I need, available within the painting. Thank you for sharing, Oh wise and generous Rager! This is much appreciated and has changed the way I do things as of today.

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