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Thread: Can't preview AR6 thumbnails running Windows 10

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    Question Can't preview AR6 thumbnails running Windows 10

    Hey folks, I can't preview thumbnails in file explorer (or in artrage itself) and I thought I used to be able to with earlier versions of AR. Not a huge problem but annoying as I often forget what the paintings look like. I'm not really gifted at naming my ptg files.

    Thanks for any help you can offer

    EDIT: I did a fresh install, reassociated ptg files to artrage and no other program is trying to associate itself with ptg files. Still no luck.

    EDIT 05/12/2022: To be clear, I can see thumbnails for jpg/png/tif/bmp/reb/rif etc...just the ptg thumbnails are missing. Has anyone figured this out?
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