Hi everyone, hope you're having a nice day.
There's a thing happening with the smoothness of drawn strokes in ArtRage for me.
When I draw anything at a zoom level smaller than 100%, the lines appear wavy. The smaller the zoom the more wavy it gets.

If smoothing for the tool is off, then the waviness is very obvious.
If the smoothing is on, then the waviness is smoothed out some what, but it's still not one smooth stroke but rather a wobbly stroke.
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For comparison, this is the same situation in photoshop CS.

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I'm using a wacom cintiq 13hd, driver version
I have noticed the same issue with more than 1 wacom versions, but have not done any exhaustive testing.
It is possible that there are some version out there where this issue does not exist, if anyone knows about that I'd appreciate a heads up.

Thanks for your time and attention!