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Thread: Change of size of free flow ink pen script

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    Change of size of free flow ink pen script

    I am a new user of ArtRage lite on a Surface Pro 3 tablet. I have somehow changed the settings for the ink pen so that the free flow script of my signature (and other writing) changes to a slightly smaller size and loses some of the loops, after I lift the pen. I can't work out how to change this back to the default settings. Can someone please help?

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    Hello Aussie and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Iím not sure from your description but my first thought was that it sounds a bit like you have possibly set Smoothing to too high a value.
    What happens if you lower it to say 5% or 0%?

    It might also be worth noting here that any tool can be set back to itís basic default settings by left clicking in the area at the top of the Tool Settings Panel, where the tool icon and preset name are displayed. From the popup menu choose Default Settings.
    And if you have altered setting in an existing Preset, and want to get back to the Preset you started with, just re-select that Preset from the Presets Panel.
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    Thanks, Markw. The default has been restored by your simple suggestion. I need to use the numerous youtube training videos to start to master this wonderful program.

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