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Thread: Layer window stuck

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    Layer window stuck


    I'm using Artrage since a couple of years, and I'm sometimes having issues with the layer window, in particular after stretching it to full size. The bottom part disappears, making it difficult to shrink the window back to a small size.
    I generally manage to shrink it anyway, or sometimes restarting the program fixes the problem.
    This time, though, it won't move at all (Artrage 5, Windows 10).
    Do someone know how to rectify this?
    Thank you!

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    This is what worked for me when my Samples panel got stuck: I went to Edit, then dropped down to ArtRage Preferences, then dropped down to Panels, then chose "reset panel positions". I'm hoping that's all you need to do...

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    Thank you!
    I was hoping there would be a reset somewhere, but I could not find it!
    In the meantime, I had already fixed the problem by downloading the last update, but that works only one time.
    Thanks! It will help a lot in the future. I tend to get this issue pretty often..

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