Iíve recently bought ArtRage, have launched it and spent some 15 or 20 enjoyable minutes creating a preset that I call Custom Brush 1. When I was done I was able to save it in Brush Designer as a preset. This preset brush is suitable for my current project and Iíd like to have several versions of this same brush for this project. For example, Iíd like a Custom Brush 2 thatís just like Custom Brush 1 but has more gloss on the paint, and a Custom Brush 3 thatís just like Custom Brush 1 but is lighter on the amount of paint thatís loaded on the brush.

When visiting Tools>Browse Content Folders I see my preset Custom Brush 1 is inside the Oil Brush folder.

However, when I open Brush Designer and attempt to duplicate Custom Brush 1, add more gloss, and save it as Custom Brush 2, I find I canít do that because the presets that load into Brush Designer are loaded from the Artistic Folder.

How can I reload Custom Brush 1 in Brush Designer?

I have ArtRage v6.1.2 and am on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.