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Thread: Can Custom Brushes Be Duplicated In Brush Designer

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    Can Custom Brushes Be Duplicated In Brush Designer

    Iíve recently bought ArtRage, have launched it and spent some 15 or 20 enjoyable minutes creating a preset that I call Custom Brush 1. When I was done I was able to save it in Brush Designer as a preset. This preset brush is suitable for my current project and Iíd like to have several versions of this same brush for this project. For example, Iíd like a Custom Brush 2 thatís just like Custom Brush 1 but has more gloss on the paint, and a Custom Brush 3 thatís just like Custom Brush 1 but is lighter on the amount of paint thatís loaded on the brush.

    When visiting Tools>Browse Content Folders I see my preset Custom Brush 1 is inside the Oil Brush folder.

    However, when I open Brush Designer and attempt to duplicate Custom Brush 1, add more gloss, and save it as Custom Brush 2, I find I canít do that because the presets that load into Brush Designer are loaded from the Artistic Folder.

    How can I reload Custom Brush 1 in Brush Designer?

    I have ArtRage v6.1.2 and am on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.

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    Hello Impasto On Board and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    It sort of sounds as if you may not have actually had your ĎCustom Brush 1í preset selected before starting your adjustments?
    To be sure you are selecting the correct Custom Brush for re-editing, my steps would be these;
    Open the Brush Designer panel.
    In the area top right of the panel it will say which brush preset has loaded. If it is not the preset you want to edit, click on this name and in the fly-out menu that opens find your Group/folder ĎOil Brushí and then select your brush 'Custom Brush 1' inside it.
    Now make the changes that you want to the brush. Note, when you start making changes to the brush, where it's name was displayed will automatically change to saying 'Presets...'
    When happy with your changes, click again in the top right area that now says 'Presets...', and in the fly-out menu choose 'New Preset' at the top.
    Name your new brush and select (if needed) a Group/folder for it to live in. Or (if needed) click on the small menu icon top right of the 'New Presets' panel to create a new Group/folder for the preset to live in.
    When done click the tick box bottom right of New Preset panel.
    Now click OK to close the Brush Designer.
    Hope some of all that was helpful but don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions
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