Hi. I recently sent a query in regards to my pen not painting at all. I have more info. I just upgraded to ArtRage 6 from 5. I'm still experiencing the same issue. My pen is working fine with other programs. It still has battery. Could it be the tip? (its a bit worn out and it bends a bit when I write). In ArtRage, my pen can still click and select items. But it won't paint at all, no matter what tool I try to use. Or its making marks I'm not seeing, since the undo button shows or it asks to save when I try to close the program. I already tried the troubleshooting mentioned on the FAQ about device inputs (real time stylus etc). That didn't work either.
I'm using Windows 10 version 1909 with the latest updates. I'm using ArtRage 6.1.2 64 bit. My Surface Pro pen is a "no clip". I think my tablet is a Surface Pro 4.
Please respond. I'm working on a very important painting. Thank you