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Thread: Do XP-pen and Huion 15.6 Tablets work with artrage?

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    Do XP-pen and Huion 15.6 Tablets work with artrage?

    Hi, I recently got a new tablet and it doesn't seem to work properly with artrage. It works fine with Krita, but not well at all wit art rage 6, so I am going to try another brand. Has anyone had positive experiences with XP-pen and Huion, or is wacom the only way to go? (I have had no issues with my old intuos, but I wanted to get into display and I wanted a cheaper brand that works with artrage).

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    Hello estefanía,
    I haven’t any experience with Xp pen tablets but artist Daniel Ibanez has a review of using an Xp Pen Deco 01 V2 with ArtRage6 here:

    Sorry! Just realised you were asking about screen tablets! Still the review may be of interest
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