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Thread: Zooming around cursor position?

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    Unhappy Zooming around cursor position?

    Hello guys,
    Im used to be using SAI Tool since i got my pen tablet. it has dial rotation which means i can use it for zooming the canvas and evertime i zoom it will be focused on whereever my cursor point at so it is very nice feature to have.

    now i try to use Artrage but the thing is the zoom function isnt the same as how it is on SAI Tool which is just zoom in to the center of the canvas, i know we can still move it with canvas positioner but it makes my dial rotation of my tablet to be useless ;-; beside im already used to it :0 ...

    so i wanna ask,, is it possible to zoom around the cursor position in artrage?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Sovvie and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Sadly in AR, zoom can not currently be focused around the cursor position.
    It is something that has been asked for before and we still live in hope!
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