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Thread: New features coming?

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    New features coming?

    I was wondering if you were planning on any enhancements in the near future. Are you bringing some of missing standard features on the PC over yet?


    Here are some features I would hope for:

    • Selection, copy, paste, clone, transform
    • Gradient fill
    • Complementary color picker
    • Displaying grids on canvas, on references
    • Add rulers (stencils, if they come along)
    • Import brushes, Brush designer would be nice, too

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    Desperatly need these features


    One of the reasons I bought the Samsung S6 was Artrage (no kidding !) ... I wanted to be able to draw and edit concept sketches on a tablet or screen, away from my desk.

    But without the Selection, copy, paste, clone, transform features (in particular!); one is only limited to just painting.
    In fact, I believe this may be one reason why ArtRage is not first choice for some !?

    Would really appreciate these features.

    Don't mind paying again for the app, really !

    Thank you for your kind attention!

    Best regards,


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