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Thread: ArtRage 5.0.9 Mac update issue

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    ArtRage 5.0.9 Mac update issue

    I've been trying to update AR5 to the latest 5.0.9 version for Mac and I'm having an issue with the disk image. I've downloaded it 3 times and have the same issue in all cases. When I try to open the disk image I get a warning:

    "There may be a problem with this disk image. Are you sure you want to open it? Opening this disk image may make your computer less secure or cause other problems."

    If I try and run first aid via Disk Utility on the Install ArtRage 5 package it suggests there might be some corruption or repairs necessary:

    "The volume Install ArtRage 5 was found corrupt and needs to be repaired"

    I was wondering if it's safe to use as I've not seen these sort of warnings with previous ArtRage updates and I wondered if any other Mac users have had this same problem with the 5.0.9 update?

    I'm using a 2011 iMac with High Sierra.

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    I'm getting the same warning, but the installation went smoothly (maybe a bit slow, in my case) on mac os mojave.

    the program also works as expected so far.

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    Hello Bertrude, nekomata,
    Yes, I get the same warning.
    The last AR5 version before AR6 was released was 5.0.8, so I wonder if this 5.0.9 is a bug and or Catalina compatibility release perhaps?
    Although I’m not upgrading to Catalina any time soon nor generally using AR5 now, I’ve installed this latest version of AR5 and so far it and my OS still appear to be functioning correctly.
    And having Time Machine to fall back on should disaster strike in these situations is such a comfort!
    Anyway, I’ve sent an email to support about this. Whether you still want to install now or wait a bit and see if the installer gets changed is of course up to you.
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    Thanks for your replies. You are truly wonderful guinea pigs - at least I know it's not something wrong at my end.

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    I'm looking into it. We're having problems with our file hosting and EMail hosting at the moment so everything is on a go-slow.
    Thanks for your patience.
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