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Thread: Is it ok if lines look like this?

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    Is it ok if lines look like this?

    On purchased HUION 680TF and now curious if it's ok if I'm getting lines like this if draw them varying pressure.
    Top lines - if try to change pressure quickly.
    Lower lines - if try to change pressure very-very gently (after some training).
    Does it look the same on budget Wacom tablets, like Wacom One by Wacom Medium?
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    Congrats on getting your tablet. I hope you have fun with it.

    I don't know if this will help (due to different tablets, OS, ArtRage versions etc.) but this is what I'm getting using a Parblo A610 Tablet on my 2011 iMac with ArtRage 5 using the default watercolour brush.

    The top 7 lines are me trying to reduce pressure for each line and the last few are me trying to work from a light to harder pressure through the stroke (from left to right).

    If you haven't already, you might find some options for the pressure sensitivity in the control panel or tablet setting app that comes with the tablet - there might be a curve you can adjust or a slider for pressure sensitivity which might help.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It was with at the best (central) sensitivity level.
    So with Parblo you made last lines easily, not like me. And more smooth.
    Parblo won

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    All right, I tried Wacom ctl-672n. Both tablets have it's own pros and cons.
    Drawing surface felt mush more slippery on Huion 680TF (1.4 times cheaper), as slippery as on old Genius model (about the same price as 680TF).
    But with Wacom it felt like you draw with a pastel. Or a pencil on a rough paper. There smooth and quick feeling of a pen. Definitely wouldn't recommend Wacom for writing (at least budget ones) .
    With Wacom it's easier to get gradual increase of line thickness, especially noticeable in ArtRage with the brush selected on Bertrude's picture above. Though not so noticeable in the other software, like MyPaint.
    Wacom has much more sofisticated settings in their software: not only a simple slider for sensitivity (from left to right), but also graph to adjust sensitivity - a curve with you can shape as you want.

    Here is the lines of Wacom in ArtRage (right tow - default sensitivity, at the center; left row sensitivity decreased by on point):
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thiese are line samples when I tried to increase pressure gradually using Huion in ArtRage.
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    (However these two tablets work the opposite way in the other software - MyPaint, you may check it here:
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