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Thread: Question for Artists: Tool Combinations

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    Question for Artists: Tool Combinations

    Hello again.

    Could you share what combination of tools you tend to favor
    in your processes? Such as oil paint with chalk, or pencil with
    airbrush, or felt pen with crayon, etc. ?

    Thank you.


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    This week I finally got hold of the full version of Art Rage 2. So far as using tool combinations, I definitely think the palette knife is useful in combination with the paint tube, or oil paint. From playing around with the full version I believe the best way to get something close to a blender tool is the use of the palette knife in combination with another tool. You can obtain an effect that is similar to graphic arts programs that have smear, or smudge tools. The pencil tool works well with chalks for fine details in cross hatching patterns of shading effects or fine lines.
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