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Thread: Porthleven Harbour

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelstate View Post
    Exactly. This is actually an 'oil; painting.. so you are correct.. sketch lines would normally be hidden. I am learning the tool and can see the advantage of using layers to control this better.
    I might have a go at re-painting to see what (if anything) I have learned..

    My main challenge is time. I have been approaching this painting 10-15 minutes at a time at the end of the day. It would be better to take a hour at a time I think to get into the flow of painting.
    yes time IS the problem... we only have so much of it and we do need to prioritize and allocate ... but it looks like it’s the only definitely have all the skills you need!

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    Well done! Not easy to use the greens appropriately and with the correct color tones as You did.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    incredible post wow

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    Excelente... Me agradan mucho las texturas que las logrado!!!
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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