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Thread: Setting Canvas size in inches

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    Setting Canvas size in inches

    I am kind of confused on what the numbers you enter when you set up a "new canvas" mean. If I want my final work to be 10 inches by 10 inches, what do I set these numbers to?

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    Hi Joe,
    Internally ArtRage 2.2 doesn't have any DPI support. It's all just screen pixels.
    When ArtRage prints out work, it uses 72 DPI (which roughly corresponds to screen pixels)
    So if you wanted your finished work to be 10 inches by 10 inches when it's printed, you would need 72 x 10 by 72 x 10 pixels in size == 720 x 720

    You might want to print out your finished work at a higher resolution - higher quality - setting. For example, 300 DPI is common for prined work.
    In that case, in ArtRage, you should create a canvas 10 x 300 by 10 x 300 (3000 x 3000).
    But for printing you'll need to export your finished painting as either a PNG, or a PSD (which are both 'lossless' export formats), and use another application to set the DPI setting.
    If you are using Photoshop to do your finished printing, to change the DPI of an image from ArtRage for print purposes you need to do the following.
    Open the PSD or PNG in Photoshop. Go to the Image Size menu option. Take a note of the pixel size of your image (write it down on a piece of paper...).
    Change the DPI setting to whatever you want (300). Note that the pixel size changes. Now type the original pixel size back into the pixel size boxes. Hit okay.
    When you print your Photoshop document, it will print out at the correct size.

    Note that we're VERY soon going to be announcing ArtRage 2.5 and one of its new features is correct support for DPI settings.
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