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Thread: MAC OS, Huion, and Dual Monitors

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    MAC OS, Huion, and Dual Monitors

    Hello All,

    I'm new to Art Rage on Mac (have been using it on Android for a while now) and can't seem to figure out an issue I'm having with isolating AR to one screen.

    Device: iMac, 2017 model
    OS: Mojave (10.14.5)
    Tablet: Huion GT-191 with pressure sensitive stylus
    AR: Using a demo here to evaluate

    The Problem
    Typically, I'll do all my art work on my Huion Tablet (which I use a second monitor in my Mac display flow) and keep my iMac screen open as reference. When using AR, all of the right-click menus always appear randomly on my Mac screen. That is, they are "floating up" and floating up in random positions irrespective of where my stylus/cursor is. This will also happen, seemingly at random, with the layers panel, tool presets, etc. The behavior changes somewhat if I'm in full screen or not, but this brings its own level of challenge as some of the tip hovers or part of the menu will get cut off as it floats up to the other screen.

    The way I have the monitors stacked in Mac is my Imac screen is on top and my Huion Tablet is on the bottom.

    In the Huion software, I've made sure to isolate the work area just to the Huion tablet. I've also re-installed the drivers multiple times now along with trying an X-Pen 15" tablet I've had around, all of which do not keep the menus and contextual menus within the screen. In Photoshop, this is usually resolved by simply dragging the menu screen down to the Huion tablet, and Photoshop "remembers" this is where it goes. But I can't make heads or tails of what is going with AR.

    Otherwise, the Huion tablet works really well in terms of pressure sensitivity, screen accuracy, etc. The X-Pen worked well, too.

    When I used Corel briefly, I had a similar problem. Photoshop, Affinity products, and Sketchbook all work fine in keeping the program isolated to the screen.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Set your Huion as main display in the macOS settings, and pray to the developer gods Ambient Design will fix this in the near future.

    I'm not using Artrage anymore because of this "bug". I check this forum every couple of days (maybe daily) to check if they fixed it finally.

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