I have Artrage on both my Mac and my iPad.

My questions on technique/workflow are how do you use both programs (or do you) in your creations and what are the pros and cons of each?

I presume that Artrage on ios is far less feature rich (capable) than Artrage 6 on desktop? - My lack of experience has meant that I have not yet really hit limitations at this time but they must be there - custom brushes and more complex brush settings variations?

I prefer to paint with the iPad, find it more intuitive than using Wacom on desktop but was wondering whether I am ultimately going to mis sout on capability if I do this? - I considered using the iPad for initial sketching out the painting and exporting the file to desktop to lay the actual paint?

Any advice is appreciated.. my painting is very much angled toward familiarisation with the tool rather than creativity at this time.. so keen to learn the 'right' application.. this is a quick example - Artrage on ios

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