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Thread: coloring pages from photos

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    Question coloring pages from photos

    Has anyone used artrage to create coloring pages from photos and if so did you just use the tracing feature or?

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    I've not tried the tracing feature, but I do a lot of tracing (paper dolls, coloring pages, making stickers of household objects as design elements for fabric)
    I use the photo as a base layer for a painting, and increase contrast/brightness to make it easy to follow the outlines I want. Sometimes I remove all the color to make fewer distractions as I trace. I adjust canvas size to what I want for the coloring surface, and transform the size of the photo image to match the finished size as closely as possible without messing up resolution. Printing seems to work fine at 150 ppi. I've made a custom canvas size of 8.5 x 11 at 150ppi. For the canvas, I choose "cel" and turn off lighting. (But I don't remember why). I reduce opacity of the photo layer -- I'm not sure why it helps to have the tracing layer lighter, but it often does. I then "lock all" on the photo layer and begin tracing on layers above it. I create lots of layers as I complete sections. It makes errors easier to fix. I make my own back-ups of the project, by using "save as" with a new name as I finish a section. I export the final project as a png rather than a jpg to preserve transparency if it matters.
    Rather than printing from the program, I insert the final png file into a blank open-office document. (My printer understands documents better than pictures.)
    If I can clarify any of this run-on blather, please let me know. Or later, as you work on a project, jump back into the forum and I'll see if I can provide answers as you go. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
    best wishes,
    Sue Ellen.

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