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Thread: colour wheel disappeared

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    colour wheel disappeared

    The colour wheel is no longer visible. How do I restore please?

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    Hello Nor and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    There are several ways to bring up the colour wheel in AR. Here are some.

    If you are referring to the Corner Colour Picker when using AR in Classic Mode.
    Then to show this as a colour wheel right click on the area showing the currently selected colour, very near the corner of your screen, (just under the words saying Metallic %), and choose ‘Tint/Tone Picker’ from the pop-up submenu menu.

    Another Colour Picker panel can be found in both Classic Mode and Docking Mode from the Menubar under; View > Colour Picker. When the panel opens, click on the Menu icon top right of the panel and from the submenu select ‘Tint/Tone Picker’.

    In ‘Docking Mode’ this same panel is also accessed by clicking on the small colour chip in the menubar that shows the currently selected colour.
    If you have the panel already Docked then just click on the Menu icon top right of the panel and choose ‘Tint/Tone Picker’ from the submenu.
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    Thank you. That’s very helpful

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