That one took a while. Obviously more coffee is required.

I've uploaded ArtRage 6.1.0 with a bunch of fixes.

1) Crash bug importing contents of an arpack Package file if the package has been previously installed.
2) Docked panel array can cause crashes in certain circumstances. Generally circumstances involving deadlines, or when you're demo-ing to clients.
3) Dropping multiple images onto ArtRage to import as new layers can cause a crash.
4) Fix to Huion tablet support. Stylus was incorrectly reporting 'inverted', so would only work as an eraser.
5) When using smoothing and symmetry with the custom brush in colour pickup mode, not all symmetry segments would update correctly
6) Save Canvas Presets (and other collections) would fail if 'Enter' was used to confirm, but would succeed if the 'Okay' button was clicked.

More coffee is on order.