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Hello kenmo,
Thatís an impressive array of graphics app you have there!

Iím curious as to what you would like to see improved or changed in ARís current Pastel/Wax/Chalk tool?
For me it would be having a choice of square or round head like some of the other tools have.
I would like to have chalk brushes that are more like Painters. Yes a square head would be nice as the fat chalk is one of my favorite Painter brushes.

Also I should have mentioned my complete dislike of ArtRage's blender tools. Again this is one area where Painter is better (just add water, bristle blender, pointy blender).

ArtRage is by far the better product. I just would like to see these features added (chalk brushes, better blender tools, cloning brushes). And until they do, I see no need for me to upgrade.