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Thread: Artrage vs Corel Painter?

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    Artrage vs Corel Painter?

    I'm curious what the major differences are between these two programs and why there is such a massive price difference.

    I have been using Artrage for a long long time and love it. But I see Painter 2019 is in a Humble Bundle along with some other programs for $25. Wondering if it has any features or differences that would make it worth the extra expense? What does each do better or worse than the other?

    Also I'm currently using AR5.

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    painter has a free 30 day trial that you can download and use without any restrictions after you've registered it.

    as far as I remember, there were no major differences between painter 2019 and 2020, some performance improvements only.

    painter's $25 price-tag is a good deal if you like what you see in the trial; makes me assume they've thrown a dated release on sale hoping to bring back users that left corel for its low-cost competitor, paintstorm.

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    I'm not an experienced digital painter ... tried Painter 2017 and removed it because I could not turn off the annoying pop-ups from Corel.

    There was something in preferences that allowed you to stop pop-ups ... it did not work.

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    Painter is good for photo painting, especially if you are a photographer and want to give your photos a painter effect. 3D renders can also be used instead of a photograph.

    ArtRage is better for freehand sketching and painting as it has a much better performance then Painter 2019. I own both and enjoy both. There is also a lite version of Painter ala Painter Essentials that costs about $49 USA.

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