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Thread: paintings don't show up in windows explorer

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    paintings don't show up in windows explorer

    I guess I have to open a new thread..... did not find anything...
    [LG phone Android 7 something]
    see subject: my paintings don't show up in windows explorer.
    On my phone, I see the paintings under "artrage paintings" but when I connect my phone to the computer, it says "0 items" in the artrage paintings folder. I searched in other folders (artrage) and could not find them.
    I want to copy them to the computer. I could of course upload them to the google drive, but what for....
    I am logged in to the phone, so this is not the problem. I see content in other folders, not this.

    Any suggestions....

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    I do have the same issue.

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    go to menu->Artrage->Gallery->select right arrow-> export your paintings as jpg or png. the paintings are saved under Pictures/Artrage

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