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Thread: ArtRage 6.0.10 update and bug fix uploaded.

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    Cool ArtRage 6.0.10 update and bug fix uploaded.

    A bug-fix update has been uploaded for ArtRage 6.0.10

    Solve a problem with serial number check issue on old version
    Potential crash clicking off menu area - modal panels could cause a crash when invalid widgets processed a click.
    Crash on deleting action after playing/recording other action. If an action was played, then another action deleted, there could be a lockup.
    Undo buffer corruption on undo/redo of hiding/showing non-current layer.

    It's not a long list, but the crash bugs were significant.
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    The update did not fix the tablet key issue. They still work from the keyboard but not from the tablet.

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    Once again, thank you Andy for the bug fixes
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