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Thread: Old Father Time

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    Old Father Time

    Time and tide wait for no man.... was it King Harold that tried ( to stop the tide from rising ) and failed miserably, The Guys the built the Tames flood barrier seem to have stopped it though....well done them aye!!
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    The theme here (as you describe) and artwork are really good. I would suggest one change here considering the age appearance of the man in the image. He looks to be getting on in age, therefore I think the sands of time in the image should have less sand in the top part and more sand in the bottom part. In this image looks evenly divided leaving the impression of someone that would be middle aged or in the middle of their life. Then again perhaps you intended this to be expressing the thought that this man will live beyond the average life expectancy of a male?
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    Great work as always, Jack. Too bad Tames flood barrier can not work on genetics or gravity.

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