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Thread: Flipping the Screen

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    Flipping the Screen

    I'm probably beating a dead horse by asking this question but what the hey--I know that the "H" key willl allow me to quickly flip the screen to check my drawing for inaccuracies but I cannot draw while it is quickly flipped. Is there a way to flip the screen horizontally and have it stay there so I can draw with it in that position for a bit and then flip it back to its original position when I am done. thank you.

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    Hello Catmandolin and welcome back to the forums
    Yes, it can be done, but with some caveats!
    Go to File 'Transform All Layers'. When the Transform Panel opens, click the Horizontal or Vertical Flip icon of your choice, or hit H or V on the keyboard as required. Then click the confirm tick box or hit Enter.
    And now the caveats…
    The Transform All Layers “Flip” will be performed around the center of the collected layers and not the centre of the canvas.
    This tends not to be an issue for me as I always have at least one layer of textures or something spanning the whole canvas. And so the "Flip" always happens around the actual center of the canvas.
    If you don’t have such a layer “naturally” covering the whole canvas then you can set one up, say by flood filling one layer, and then turn it’s Visibility Off as it’s not actually needed for the painting as such.
    Another thing to watch for is that you can’t have any layers ‘Lock Position' property active. Otherwise it will get left behind when everything else gets flipped.

    Although there is no built in “one click” action in AR, if you have a tablet you can set one of it’s physical buttons or if it has them, onscreen buttons, to send the necessary key strokes.
    On my Wacom I have a button set to send the following ⌥⇧⌘TH↩︎.
    ⌥⇧⌘T is the key command I have set to activate ‘Transform All Layers', the H is there to do the Horizontal Flip and the ↩︎ command is there to confirm the transform.
    Or in AR6 you could record and save an Action to do the same flip.
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    Mark thanks and good to be back. And....I think I should add it to my wish list but you know if it flips for me so I can work on it anyway anyhow then I am not complaining. It helps me when I am cleaning up the sketches to go back and forth. Again thanks! I will try this.

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